Friday, November 20, 2015

Flash Back Friday

Hello Blogville. 

We have so many fun stories from before we started our blog! Mom said we should do a flash back Friday... All the cool kids are! 

We are gonna go back to when I was just a pup. Mom says I am still just a pup, but I mean a little guy! 

Oh man look at me! STUD MUFFIN! 
I know that mom loved me at first sight! First day home and we were inseparable! 

BFF's  from day one! That is me and my mom!

When I was a pup. I loved to snuggle, I LOVED to play with my toys, I loved to hangout wit my mom, and I loved to take naps!

I still like to do a lot of those things, just with A LOT more energy! 

Mom always made me the best nests!

When I first came to live with mom we lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building.... 
My poor mom was always having to running me up and down the stairs for potty time, and sometimes I just could not hold it.. Mom is really great at cleaning my accidents! THANKS MOM! 
I also didn't like living in that stinky apartment! Nobody appreciated my warning barks. Didn't they know I was just looking out for my mom! Also I missed mom very much while she as at work so I barked when she left. Trying to convince her to just stay home and play with my toys with me!It never worked...  I knew she still loved me though. Even though she left she always came back, and sometimes brought presents... 

That is when mom brought me my FIRST harness home. Silly me I thought it was a chew toy! BOL 

Some other apartment peeps where giving mom a hard time about my barking... SORRY! Leaving mean notes, and bothering mom on her way home from work.. So mom did something really AWESOME, and bought me a house WITH A YARD people. MY very OWN yard.  
Which meant free space for me to roam and play, and it even came with a dog door. OMD I can go outside WHENEVER I want... 

I love to sit in my yard.... 

We still go on our walks but now I can run outside whenever I want. I don't have to wait for mom to get off of stinky work. Its the best people! We love our house too. Mom fixed it up real nice too. Its like we live in a mansion. So many rooms to play in, and hide my toys! Its the best! 

Mom says I need to wrap it up. It is almost my bed time. That is a tiny flash back for you! Hope you enjoyed. 


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