Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hello everyone. We came out of our food coma to say Happy Thanksgiving to all you people and pups!
We had a great day yesterday. Got to spend sometime with our Mom which we always love. We hope you all had a great day with your families. 

We are very thankful for lots and lots of things. 
Number one being our Mom. 
Two being the wonderful warm home she keeps safe for us.
Three being the awesome treats we always get.
Four being each other its always nice to have a friend. 
Five being our toys so we can have lots of fun!

Another great surprise we got yesterday... 

We got see how our very first snow. 
I loved it!
Rayne.. Not so much, but she did run around in it with me. 

Look at us go!
 Mom didn't let us run around for too long. She didn't want our little feeties to get cold, 

Anyway. We will keep this short and sweet. We hope that you all had a great Turkey Day with lots of good food, and family time. 

Tucker and Rayne 


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  1. BBRRRRR! That snow is cold! got some freezing feet this morning!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel