Monday, November 23, 2015

We Love the Weekend

Hello Blogville Friends! Tucker and Rayne here today. 

HAPPY Monday! 
We know its Monday here because Mom had two cups of coffee this morning... 

We hope you all had an exciting weekend. We sure did. We got to watch Mom cut down a tree!
It was a big cool willow tree in our front yard, but whoever planted it planted it too close to the house mom said so it had to go. Fine by me I hated the scary scratchy noises it made! We weren't allowed to help because mom said it was too dangerous for pups! Whatever. Watching was kinda fun. Gave Rayne time for her daily sunbathing too.  

Weekends are always fun though because Mom doesn't have to go to stinky work!! Rayne and I both love to play with her on the weekend. Rayne always likes to take naps with her, we know that is her favorite! 

Loving naps must be a girl thing I don't know... 
In my opinion there is too much to do to nap.. Cats to chase, toys to bury, and barking wars with my other dog friends! Lazy girls! 

WHOA HEY! You weren't supposed to see that... Thanks for sharing Rayne. 
I do occasionally take naps. When Mom is doing Mom things, and needs company. Definitely the makings of a great weekend..

WE also got NEW toys!!! Hooorrraaayyy.

They were pretty cool new toys for a suprise! We played with them all night.

Like I said it was a great weekend!

We hope all of our Blog Friends had a great weekend too!
Until next time Blogville.

Tucker and Rayne

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  1. We love the weekends too! Tucker you look like your haircut is starting to grow out!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel