Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

A Good ole game of chase at the local dog park!

Happy Hump Day.

Tucker and Bianca

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hello, again.

Well Hello there Blogville.
It has been a long time.
After baby Rayne passed away
Mom had a hard time blogging, and decided it
was best to take a tiny break.
BUT here we are.

We are doing great.
Tucker, me, had his 2nd birthday.
Bianca had her first.
We were spoiled rotten by mom just like always.

We had a fun summer with LOTS of adventure.
We went on our first camping trip.
Sleeping in a tent is WEIRD!
Like there are no walls....
Well there are walls, but not like he have at the house...
Anyway it was FUN!
We also went swimming for the very first time..
That was TONS of fun. \
See lots of adventure...

Before we even knew it was Christmas time!
Just like ususal we were spoiled rotten with Christmas.
We have had SOOOO much snow.
Mom said it is unreal how much snow we have had.
It has made it so hard to get out and exercise.
We, Bianca, got a little naughty and were chewing things...
Moms things...
So we started with our kennels which is great.
We get treats all the time in there!
Mom got us our Kongs.
Which we LOVE!
Makes kennel time so much more enjoyable.

It has been a crazy year a lot went on.
Which we will share it all with you another time.
We just wanted to stop in and say hello.
SO hello!
Its nice to be back.
We hope your all doing just as awesome as we are.
We have definitely missed our Blogville friends.
Until next time friends.

Tucker, Bianca, and Mom

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Never enough hours in the day...

Hello there Blogville.  
Tucker, Bianca, and mom here. 
It has been such a long time since our last post..  
We kind of fell off the grid. 

We thought it would be good to get back out and say hello. 
See how everyone is doing. 
We hope WELL! 

We are doing AWESOME! 
We have been enjoying the lovely weather, walks, and park time. 
Mom has been BUSY BUSY BUSY so we haven't had much computer time, but we are hoping that is going to change. 

Not a lot had been going on around these parts. 
We go on our evening walks, and the dog park every weekend weather permitting. 
We have been having LOTS of fun! 
Its getting to be baseball season so I have been telling Bianca to get ready to go watch some games.
Mom's little brother plays on a traveling team during the summer, and there are a lot of tournaments to go watch. 
It is tons of fun! 

Bianca graduated puppy kindergarten! 
She did awesome from what mom said. 
She never learned any tricks...
She is too stubborn! 

Mom has been busy working, and TONS of other things. 
Her close cousin is getting ready to have a baby, and they had a baby shower a couple weeks ago. 
She has been doing a lot more painting with her Mom. 
She is also training to run a 5K Race! 
She is also spring cleaning the house, and getting the yard ready for summer! 
See she is really busy.
BUT she still finds the time to take us to the park, and play fetch. 

Nothing too exciting happening around here, but we wanted to stop in say hello! 

SO Hello! 
We hope all is well, and until next time friends! 

Tucker, Bianca, and Mom

Some just for fun pictures. Mom always catches us with our tongues out!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Hello blogville! 
We are here to say that we are still alive and kicking! 
Mom has been busy, and has not had the time to type or stories for us! 
So we are sorry to say we have been blogging failures lately...
BUT Here we are and we are going to try and get back on track. 

WE hope that everyone is doing GREAT!
We sure are... 
Bianca is in puppy kindergarten and from what mom says going GREAT! 
I am doing good with the bark collar, and I have been able to have it off more and more! 
The weather has been a bit cold lately so not as many chances for walks. 
Not much more to report. 
WE are trying to teach Bianca so tricks..
So hopefully we will have some videos to come.. 
Showing all our tricks..


Until next time...
Tucker and Bianca

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sunshine and Rope Toys

Hey there Blogville! 
Good to "see" ya again! 
Hope everyone is doing GREAT! 

We are doing great here. 
We have been LOVING the sunshine that we have been getting! 
We spend all the time we can outside soakin it up! 
Even inside we are soaking it up laying in the window! 

There we are on the couch catching some rays! 

This last weekend we got to spend some good time outside while mom cleaned the yard! 
We got a good game of Tug-o-War going! 
Mom didn't even make us stop because we can't break the outside! 
She even played fetch with us! 
Boy I MISSED playing fetch. 

Mom could not get a good picture of me playing. 
I was too FAST, but there is Miss B with her toy hoard! 
She likes to keep all the toys in a pile, and TRY to keep them away from me! 
Haha I am too fast though I always get one. 

She did get a good picture of me taking a quick break! 
AND she finally got a picture of Bianca that is not just a black creature with shiny eyes! 
Look how cute my sister is! 
Anyway we have to get out and enjoy it before its gone! 

Keep enjoying the sunshine friends! 
Until next time! 

Tucker and Bianca 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

Caught helping again! 
Cleaning the kitchen with mom.

Tucker and Bianca 

Monday, February 29, 2016

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!

Hello Friends! 
I hope your all doing well, and have some sunshine where you are! 
We sure have had some here, and its been GREAT! 

Mom said she is lame and hasn't gotten very many pictures lately.
Time fly's when your having fun! 
I haven't been having too much fun lately though....
Mom said I have been being naughty... 
I don't think its naughty just keeping a good watch on things! 
Well long story short. 
I have to wear a naughty dog collar now, a mean ole bark collar...
Its kind of depressing. 
Mom said that I was getting too crazy barking at the neighbors and they didn't like it. 
Also I was getting a little too crazy barking at squirrels, leaves, cats, cars. 
You name it I was barking at it.. 
So the mean dog collar came around, and I definitely was a quick learner.
The yard is all quite now!
She is nice though because she lets me take it off when I am being a good boy. 
She hates it too.. 
BUT she says that when I am a good boy without it on I won't have to wear it anymore.. 
Just training .

Bianca is a lucky dog. 
She was getting naughty too and barking like me, but she is a little younger 
and more trainable says mom. 
So she doesn't have to wear the naughty collar, for now. 
Bianca was being a schmoozer, and trying to get on moms good side. 
I will say that mom came down with the stomach flu this week. 
So we did have to take on some nurse duties! 
She is all better now though. 
So other than a naughty collar things are GREAT!
 We are all healthy and doing GREAT! 
Hope things are GREAT with all our friends too. 

Until next time! 
Tucker and Bianca 

Nurse Bianca holding moms hand while she wasn't feeling well.