Friday, January 22, 2016

A New Friend

Hello Blogville!! 
Tucker here. 
We have some EXCITING news here. 

As you probably guessed my mom enjoys helping animals. 
With the loss of Rayne my mom felt empty she said. 
I won't even lie it was getting to me too... 
I MISSED my friend. 


We decided to let this little come to our house. 

This is Bianca..

She was given as a Christmas gift to a very old lady who could not take care of her. 
So we told the old lady we would take her!!
We still miss our sweet Rayne Baby every day, but it has been nice to have someone to play with.

She is a firecracker.
She loves to play with me, and bark!
Mom said she is a quick learner too
She is learning to potty outside really good!

We are excited to have her, and like to think maybe Rayne sent her to help heal our broken hearts.

Anyway we welcome Bianca to Tucker and Rayne's World!!

Until next time!
Tucker, Angel Rayne, and Bianca 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello Again...

Hello again Blogville!
Tucker and  Mom here. 
We have really missed all of you!
We hope that this post finds you all well.

We here at Tucker and Rayne's world are doing well.
We are adjusting to life while missing a good friend. 
We wanted to thank you again for all of the well wishes and kind words. 
They were all greatly appreciated. 

We have been super busy!
During Christmas Mom's siblings where here, and so they did a lot of fun things!
Mom said it was really awesome to see them both! 
Mom took me to see them too. 
They give me lots of LOVES so I like to see them too.

There is Mom and her brother and sister! She has another brother but he isn't shown.

We have started taking walks again!! 
We went to Petco and Mom's friend gave me a feet haircut!
I was a good boy and even got a new toy!

Look they even gave me a Star Wars head band!

We are excited to see what the New Year has to bring, and to share it with you our blog friends. 
Stay tuned! 
Until Next time blogville!

Tucker, Mom, and Angel Rayne