Monday, February 29, 2016

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!

Hello Friends! 
I hope your all doing well, and have some sunshine where you are! 
We sure have had some here, and its been GREAT! 

Mom said she is lame and hasn't gotten very many pictures lately.
Time fly's when your having fun! 
I haven't been having too much fun lately though....
Mom said I have been being naughty... 
I don't think its naughty just keeping a good watch on things! 
Well long story short. 
I have to wear a naughty dog collar now, a mean ole bark collar...
Its kind of depressing. 
Mom said that I was getting too crazy barking at the neighbors and they didn't like it. 
Also I was getting a little too crazy barking at squirrels, leaves, cats, cars. 
You name it I was barking at it.. 
So the mean dog collar came around, and I definitely was a quick learner.
The yard is all quite now!
She is nice though because she lets me take it off when I am being a good boy. 
She hates it too.. 
BUT she says that when I am a good boy without it on I won't have to wear it anymore.. 
Just training .

Bianca is a lucky dog. 
She was getting naughty too and barking like me, but she is a little younger 
and more trainable says mom. 
So she doesn't have to wear the naughty collar, for now. 
Bianca was being a schmoozer, and trying to get on moms good side. 
I will say that mom came down with the stomach flu this week. 
So we did have to take on some nurse duties! 
She is all better now though. 
So other than a naughty collar things are GREAT!
 We are all healthy and doing GREAT! 
Hope things are GREAT with all our friends too. 

Until next time! 
Tucker and Bianca 

Nurse Bianca holding moms hand while she wasn't feeling well.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Flash Back Friday

Hello Blogville! 

Tucker and Bianca here. 
We have a flash back Friday here for you today...


To the very first selfie that Mom and I ever took.
Look how little and cute I am! 
Just adorable. 

Now I am big and naughty. 
Well so mom says. '

Here is a more recent one. 
I am still so cute I think, minus the STUPID makeshift cone of shame mom made me wear. 

Anyway nothing new here. 
The days have been really nice! 
Prime for walking. 
Mom said the weather guy said its supposed to get stormy again..
I guess we will see he said that last week HA! 

Well guys I hope that you enjoyed my selfies! 
Until next time friends! 

Tucker and Bianca 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wordless Wednesday.. Well maybe with a caption

Helping mom get ready for work. We are great helpers!

Happy Wednesday,
Tucker and Bianca 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Something awesome

Howdy TGIF!
Tucker and Bianca here. 

We wanted to share a masterpiece that mom brought home! 

Mom and her mom have been going to these painting classes...
You get together with other peeps drink wine if you want and paint while being led by an instructor! 
Mom says its great fun but we are not allowed to go.. 
Not entirely sure why we can't go.
I can already assure you that I would make great pawtures! 
Mom has brought home some pretty great paintings...

HOWEVER, none of them were better than this one....


GUYS look mom painted me, and her mom painted their schnauzer  Willow! 

Look it looks just like me! 
Can you even believe it??

It is so totally awesome. Mom said she is gonna hang it on the wall.
I can't wait to see it up. 
Then everyone who comes over can admire my young, still young I know, handsome face! 

This wasn't an adventure, but it was so cool we had to share! 
Until next time..

Tucker and Bianca

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Worldless Wednesday

A cute picture of mom, and Miss. B to share on this lovely wednesday! 

Tucker and Bianca 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello again!

Tucker and Bianca here.
We have missed you all soo much! 
Thank goodness we finally have a working computer again...

Mom said she felt disconnected without one. 
Well here we are reconnected.   
You actually have not missed too much....
Its been BORING here! 

We are awesome! 
Bianca is getting big and putting up a good fight when we play.
I am adjusting to a new little sister. 
Its nice to have a friend. 

We get along good for the most part. 
Just as long as she doesn't try to steal my share of the food! 
She is a good cuddling partner... 
When she isn't trying to bite my ears! 

There we are snuggling on the couch!
She does make a GREAT pillow.

We had an awesome day of sunshine here today. 
WHICH means the snow is melting...
Mom not so much... 

See not a lot going on...
Just some mud wrestling.
Some snuggling. 
We hope as it gets warmer we can go on more adventures! 
Until next time..

Tucker and Bianca 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

We are still here

Hello blogville!
Tucker and Bianca...
We bet you have all noticed our new name! 
We decided to change names on our blog. Without Rayne it sadly didn't work any more. :(

We are still here, and as soon as the computer is fixed we will update you on all of our shenanigans!
Look for us as "Out of the mouth's of dogs"

We sure miss you guys and hope to be back soon!

Tucker and Bianca 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Words of Wisdom Wednesday


If you get caught chewing your humans under clothes always play dead! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Temporary Maintenance

Hey there blog friends!
Tucker and Bianca here.
We just wanted to let you all know we are still here! 

Moms laptop screen died so we are computer less. Our hot water heater decided to join the laptop too.. So we have no eta on a new posting device! Mom said hot water was more important. So alas we have been unable to post, and we don't know when will be back at it!! We can read and comment on mom's phone, but its too tiny to post on. We had a struggle with this one. 

We have some good stuff to share when we get back going, so stay tuned friends! Until next time, hopefully sooner than later. 

Tucker and Bianca