Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Hello everyone. We came out of our food coma to say Happy Thanksgiving to all you people and pups!
We had a great day yesterday. Got to spend sometime with our Mom which we always love. We hope you all had a great day with your families. 

We are very thankful for lots and lots of things. 
Number one being our Mom. 
Two being the wonderful warm home she keeps safe for us.
Three being the awesome treats we always get.
Four being each other its always nice to have a friend. 
Five being our toys so we can have lots of fun!

Another great surprise we got yesterday... 

We got see how our very first snow. 
I loved it!
Rayne.. Not so much, but she did run around in it with me. 

Look at us go!
 Mom didn't let us run around for too long. She didn't want our little feeties to get cold, 

Anyway. We will keep this short and sweet. We hope that you all had a great Turkey Day with lots of good food, and family time. 

Tucker and Rayne 


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

We Love the Weekend

Hello Blogville Friends! Tucker and Rayne here today. 

HAPPY Monday! 
We know its Monday here because Mom had two cups of coffee this morning... 

We hope you all had an exciting weekend. We sure did. We got to watch Mom cut down a tree!
It was a big cool willow tree in our front yard, but whoever planted it planted it too close to the house mom said so it had to go. Fine by me I hated the scary scratchy noises it made! We weren't allowed to help because mom said it was too dangerous for pups! Whatever. Watching was kinda fun. Gave Rayne time for her daily sunbathing too.  

Weekends are always fun though because Mom doesn't have to go to stinky work!! Rayne and I both love to play with her on the weekend. Rayne always likes to take naps with her, we know that is her favorite! 

Loving naps must be a girl thing I don't know... 
In my opinion there is too much to do to nap.. Cats to chase, toys to bury, and barking wars with my other dog friends! Lazy girls! 

WHOA HEY! You weren't supposed to see that... Thanks for sharing Rayne. 
I do occasionally take naps. When Mom is doing Mom things, and needs company. Definitely the makings of a great weekend..

WE also got NEW toys!!! Hooorrraaayyy.

They were pretty cool new toys for a suprise! We played with them all night.

Like I said it was a great weekend!

We hope all of our Blog Friends had a great weekend too!
Until next time Blogville.

Tucker and Rayne

Friday, November 20, 2015

Flash Back Friday

Hello Blogville. 

We have so many fun stories from before we started our blog! Mom said we should do a flash back Friday... All the cool kids are! 

We are gonna go back to when I was just a pup. Mom says I am still just a pup, but I mean a little guy! 

Oh man look at me! STUD MUFFIN! 
I know that mom loved me at first sight! First day home and we were inseparable! 

BFF's  from day one! That is me and my mom!

When I was a pup. I loved to snuggle, I LOVED to play with my toys, I loved to hangout wit my mom, and I loved to take naps!

I still like to do a lot of those things, just with A LOT more energy! 

Mom always made me the best nests!

When I first came to live with mom we lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building.... 
My poor mom was always having to running me up and down the stairs for potty time, and sometimes I just could not hold it.. Mom is really great at cleaning my accidents! THANKS MOM! 
I also didn't like living in that stinky apartment! Nobody appreciated my warning barks. Didn't they know I was just looking out for my mom! Also I missed mom very much while she as at work so I barked when she left. Trying to convince her to just stay home and play with my toys with me!It never worked...  I knew she still loved me though. Even though she left she always came back, and sometimes brought presents... 

That is when mom brought me my FIRST harness home. Silly me I thought it was a chew toy! BOL 

Some other apartment peeps where giving mom a hard time about my barking... SORRY! Leaving mean notes, and bothering mom on her way home from work.. So mom did something really AWESOME, and bought me a house WITH A YARD people. MY very OWN yard.  
Which meant free space for me to roam and play, and it even came with a dog door. OMD I can go outside WHENEVER I want... 

I love to sit in my yard.... 

We still go on our walks but now I can run outside whenever I want. I don't have to wait for mom to get off of stinky work. Its the best people! We love our house too. Mom fixed it up real nice too. Its like we live in a mansion. So many rooms to play in, and hide my toys! Its the best! 

Mom says I need to wrap it up. It is almost my bed time. That is a tiny flash back for you! Hope you enjoyed. 


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New In Town

Hello all Citizens of Blogville! We are new here and are just testing the waters. My Name is Tucker, and I am here with my little sister Rayne. We would first like to welcome you to Tucker and Rayne's world! Mom's grandma, our fur grandma, is the Idaho PugRanch, and mom had seen how many neat awesome people Grams has meet in the blog community she thought we should give it a try! So here we are!

First off mom said its polite to introduce yourself! I am Mr. Tucker. I am the big man here in charge at home. I am the energy around here. I like to keep mom on her toes! I  am almost a year old! My birthday is December 12, 2014. I  love my mom very much, and am very protecting of her. I love my little sister Rayne too. We are best buddies. Enough about me! WELL one more thing mom gave me a picture to use. So you peoples can see how handsome I am. 
See look at me! Mom says I look very majestic atop the laundry. I agree!

Now Meet my baby sister! 

Her name is Rayne (Rain). Cause when she came to us she had blue eyes, that made mom think of a rain storm! She is really shy! So she asked me to tell you about her...

Rayne came to our home in a very unique way. While mom, and I were out for a walk I found a box.. Inside the box was a little tiny BABY! Mom could not even believe it. Mom thought she was not even alive but I knew better. We took the box back to our house and TA-DA I got a new sister. We took good care of her got her cleaned up, and I even shared my food and water. I got extra treat for that!  Mom thought about giving her to someone, but we both loved her too much! So that is how we got our Rayne Baby! 

See how little she was when we found her! 
Mom took her straight to the dogtor to get her checked out. They told mom she was about 5-6 weeks old. BUT she was healthy. She took awhile to warm up to me, but after awhile she was my best buddy! We run all over, and play wrestle. We always have a good time. She is getting bigger though so I watch out. Soon she will be a teenage girl! AAAHHH! Mom says to be afraid. 

There she is! For all to see. Healthy and growing! 
Enough about us! WE have an awesome mom. She snuggles us, and love us. Takes really good care of us. We love our mom! 

I like to give my mom lots of kisses to show her how much I love her! 

Well I think I have barked enough about us. We are so exited to meet new friends, and share our story. 

Tucker and Rayne